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Attention Real Estate Brokers

CEFA continues to grow and we have a waiting list of franchisees looking for quality locations. We need Real Estate Brokers like you to help us find those locations. CEFA is ready to act quickly and evaluate opportunities. We have a streamlined process in place to review, analyze and cost potential locations. The Franchisor handles the process, coordinates and executes the lease and is the single point of contact in facilitating a deal and building a new location.

We cooperate with all realtors and will let you know if a property has been previously introduced by another agent. We pledge to respond within two business days of being introduced to a property. We work with preferred architects and contractors to quickly review locations for zoning and school criteria. We have an assigned legal team to negotiate leases and move through the process efficiently.

Interested brokers should contact us to receive a detailed specifications sheet that describes exactly what we are looking for, our geographic areas of interest and the lease rates we are willing to entertain.

Please contact us for a detailed site selection profile that specifies what we are looking for in a property. We look forward to hearing from real estate agents, landlords and developers who have property for our review.

Linda Kawasaki