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CEFA Kingsway Students Tackle April’s “I Contribute” Project in the Garden

Vancouver B.C. (April 4th, 2013)  – CEFA Kingsway students will be using three garden plots in the back of their school for their current “Care for the Earth” project.

The kids will work together with their teachers to clear out the 4 x 4 plots, preparing each plot for a different purpose.  One plot will be prepared for harvesting, and be planted with various plants that the kids will tend to during the month. The second un-weeded plot will be planted, but will be littered with “pollution”, or classroom garbage; this plot will neither be watered nor tended to at all.  The third plot will be “planted” with the students ideas about how to help care for earth. Children will draw their ideas and pictures on laminated cards and attach them to popsicle sticks to be stuck in the dirt.

Last week all of the children at CEFA Kingsway participated in the project: the CEFA babies helped dig the plot, the JK1’s dug and tilled, the JK2’s planted flowers in the early stages of growth, and the JK3’s planted seeds. They will continue to hold responsibility for the garden by alternating days in which they are on “watering duty”. With the plots conveniently located by the children’s play space, they will be able to see their garden flourish and the plants grow as they tend to them.

By mid-April there should be thriving plants in one plot and little to no growth in the junky plot. After witnessing the differences, the children will collectively start the cleaning process of the garbage-filled plot by replacing the litter with plants, striving towards two bountiful gardens at the end of May.

“Through this project we hope to show the children what caring for the environment entails. By holding them accountable for their actions, they will see what happens when they respect and nurture it, and what happens when they litter it with garbage. We want to ingrain environmentally friendly actions in to their daily behavior at an young age.”

–  Selina Prevost

Principal, CEFA Kingsway 

This garden project may just be the beginning of a slew of projects for the children at CEFA Kingsway. With the notion that parks are like expansive gardens, the school may even organize a park cleanup nearby.

Want to learn more about CEFA’s “I Contribute to the World” program? Click here. 

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