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How did you hear about CEFA?

Top 10 Reasons to find Franchise Opportunities with CEFA Early Learning

Reason #1: CEFA Revenue  Retention and Predictability

Education is the top priority for our parents. That’s why students that enroll in our schools stay enrolled for as long as they’re able, even during recessionary times. That means you will continue receiving regular, predictable revenue in enrollment fees. We’ve been growing since we opened in 1998 and today, we are Canada’s largest early learning private school.


Reason #2: CEFA Enriched Curriculum

We are World Leaders in Education from Birth to 5. The CEFA Enriched Curriculum was developed using the best practices from top early learning schools all around the world. Our program covers math, science, reading, writing, music, art and yoga using the latest research in childhood development and psychology.


Reason #3: CEFA Franchisee Support and Management System

CEFA provides all the training and support you will need to open your school including marketing strategies, optimizing your operations and training your staff. We host regular meetings where you can update your knowledge, ask questions, and brainstorm with other franchise partners. You will always have access to our operations team that exists solely to support your success.


Reason #4: CEFA Teacher Certification Program

All teachers at CEFA have earned their ECE designation from a local college, but the CEFA Certification Program takes it one step further with up to 4 months of intense coursework and a mentorship program within the CEFA schools where teachers learn to implement the unique CEFA approach and teaching philosophy.


Reason #5: CEFA Location Scouting Service

While you’re welcome to suggest any real estate opportunities you find, we regularly secure locations based on demographics, zoning, visibility, proximity to major roadways and will help you from lease negotiation to building design, licensing, permit applications and construction management. All sites we recommend are chosen to give you the best chance for success.


Reason #6: CEFA Growth Track Assurance System

With childcare services in high demand in metropolitan areas around the country, there is significant growth potential for you and for CEFA. Each CEFA Franchisee is assigned a service manager to assist them with the operation of their school in a consultative role. This enables best practices policies to ensure maximum potential for your school.


Reason #7: Exclusive CEFA Brand Development Fund

Nothing is as important as the instant recognition and trust that you’ll receive from parents that recognize your brand. As the only early learning franchise in Canada, the CEFA brand immediately gives credibility and recognition to your location.


Reason #8: CEFA Parental Expertise

Parents are your customers, and they will find your expert advice invaluable. As a private school for those wanting the best Early Learning Education for their child, we’ve created the CEFA Parental Expertise that includes a resource library that will allow you to answer questions on everything from potty training to discipline.


Reason #9: CEFA Store

Your students will act as your own advertisers and ambassadors by wearing branded uniforms that are mandatory for safety and security reasons. We supply you with samples and take care of all the merchandising, storage, sales and inventory for you.


Reason #10: Social Responsibility

CEFA goes beyond simple childcare. It helps prepare young minds for school and for living a life of purpose. The earliest years are the most critical and you can be a part of helping to shape the leaders for the next generation.


This is your franchise opportunity

We have franchise opportunities for franchise partners to open private schools for children all across Canada. If you love being around children and families, have high standards, and believe in the value of education, you could own a CEFA School. Please have a look at our available opportunities.
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