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Promoting Transparency in the Franchises Act

When someone first approaches us to say that they want to become a franchisee, they often have no idea just how much they need to know before they can sign on. By the time our discovery process is complete, we want to be confident that our franchisees know all about us and that we know all about them. We want to answer questions they don’t even know to ask. “We were very lucky to have bought in to a franchise that shared all the information we needed to feel good about our decision to open a franchise, but we’ve heard that not everyone is so lucky. By giving people buying into a franchise all the information they need to make informed decisions before they sign on the dotted line, you really are setting them up for success. We love our school in Langley and are excited about opening our new location in Morgan Crossing in South Surrey. CEFA is a great franchise, and it’s good to know that those who aren’t as lucky as we have been will have more support.” – Jackie Jackson, CEFA Franchisee Unfortunately, not all franchises in BC have been willing to provide this level of disclosure, and we have been working with the Government of BC to promote changes to the Franchise Act that would increase the amount of transparency that’s required. These kinds of changes are to everyone’s benefit in the long term. Entering into a Franchise Agreement is a commitment and both parties should know each other thoroughly before making that commitment. “As the founder and CEO of CEFA Early Learning schools, I am thrilled to support this new legislation. Franchisees place a great amount of trust in us franchisors when investing in their new franchise, and they should have the information they […]

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CEFA Richmond Transfers Ownership

As we welcome our newest franchise partners, Cindy, Helen and Jing (Hazens Enterprises Ltd.), we must also bid farewell to one of our longstanding franchise partners, Ginny Lam. Ginny has been the owner of CEFA Richmond since it opened its doors to families in March 2010. Her entrepreneurial spirit and enterprising mindset, along with the fantastic staff she hired made the school an instant success. Now, Ginny’s desire to start new businesses is taking her in a different direction, and she is passing the reins over to Hazens. We’re very excited to have this new group of individuals, dedicated to early childhood education. Welcome aboard!

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Franchisees Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary!

Congratulations to Christine Yang and Karen Chan, owners of CEFA Burnaby – Canada Way, CEFA Burnaby – Kingsway, and CEFA Vancouver – Commercial Drive on celebrating your 10 year anniversary of being franchisees with CEFA Early Learning. So many of our CEFA families have come through your schools and you have made such an impact on your communities. You are an inspiring success story that demonstrates how our franchisees grow with us and we hope you will find many more years of success as you continue to develop new schools. We’re looking forward to working with you as you develop CEFA Vancouver – Cambie and CEFA Burnaby – Brentwood.

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Vancouver, Alberta, and Ontario, Here We Come!

We are proud to announce that our Founder, Natacha Beim, is being featured in the January/February 2015 issue of Franchise Canada Magazine! In 1998 CEFA Early Learning started with a single school aimed at improving the quality of education available for pre school aged children Sixteen eyars later, our network of schools has expanded to 15 locations throughout the Metro Vancouver area. That’s almost one new school every year! Our amazing growth is both a testament to our leadership in quality education as well as proof that we are committed to providing the best teachers to complement our cutting edge curriculum. Most important of all, we have absolutely no intentions of slowing down! If you are in Vancouver, Alberta, and/or Ontario,  and you are passionate about education and young children, we would love for you to join us! Learn more about franchising opportunities on our designated website: CEFA Franchise

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BTV on Franchising Featuring CEFA

BTV goes on location to provide stories and interviews with emerging companies. On Sun Oct 20, 2013 – on National TV, BTV-Business Television highlighted CEFA: BTV takes a franchise fieldtrip to this diverse learning place for young children, one with an enriched curriculum featuring a unique partnership of subjects, providing children with the freedom to learn and grow through play. U.S. National: Fox Business News – Sunday, Nov 3 @ 5:30pm EST America One – Saturday, Oct 19 & Nov 2 @ 10am EST Biz Television Network – Sat. Oct 19 & Nov 2  @ 12pm & 8pm, Sun. Oct 20 & Nov 3 @ 12:30pm EST, Mon. Oct 21 & Nov 4 @ 8:30am EST, Thurs. Oct 24 & Nov 7 @ 10:30am EST and Fri. Oct 25 & Nov 8 @ 10pm & 1am EST

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CEFA Kingsway Students Tackle April’s “I Contribute” Project in the Garden

Vancouver B.C. (April 4th, 2013)  – CEFA Kingsway students will be using three garden plots in the back of their school for their current “Care for the Earth” project. The kids will work together with their teachers to clear out the 4 x 4 plots, preparing each plot for a different purpose.  One plot will be prepared for harvesting, and be planted with various plants that the kids will tend to during the month. The second un-weeded plot will be planted, but will be littered with “pollution”, or classroom garbage; this plot will neither be watered nor tended to at all.  The third plot will be “planted” with the students ideas about how to help care for earth. Children will draw their ideas and pictures on laminated cards and attach them to popsicle sticks to be stuck in the dirt. Last week all of the children at CEFA Kingsway participated in the project: the CEFA babies helped dig the plot, the JK1’s dug and tilled, the JK2’s planted flowers in the early stages of growth, and the JK3’s planted seeds. They will continue to hold responsibility for the garden by alternating days in which they are on “watering duty”. With the plots conveniently located by the children’s play space, they will be able to see their garden flourish and the plants grow as they tend to them. By mid-April there should be thriving plants in one plot and little to no growth in the junky plot. After witnessing the differences, the children will collectively start the cleaning process of the garbage-filled plot by replacing the litter with plants, striving towards two bountiful gardens at the end of May. “Through this project we hope to show the children what caring for the environment entails. By holding them accountable for their actions, they will […]

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National Study Supports BC’s Junior Kindergarten Program

Canada’s third Early Years Study, released last week, recommends children as young as two be enrolled in early learning programs. The study, which is one of the last works of the late Dr. J Fraser Mustard, a long-time advocate for early learning, showed key brain developments take place before the age of four. “When children are exposed to a stimulating learning environment in their earliest years, a pattern of wiring is stabilized in their brain,” said Natacha Beim, founder of Core Education & Fine Arts, Canada’s first Junior Kindergarten program. “The study supports what we already know, that children maximize their brain development through guided play before the age of kindergarten.” Dr. Mustard visited Core Education & Fine Arts in 2006 and concluded the curriculum was what Canada’s early education system is missing. He strongly encouraged Beim to pursue the option of offering the program at a national level. Unlike daycares or preschools, CEFA Junior Kindergarten offers children and infants customized learning curriculums that align with the brain’s stage of development. The curriculum is executed through play. “There are windows of opportunity to teach children to use their minds most effectively,” said Beim. “Once those windows close, the ability to learn is forever compromised.” Beim has been advocating for her early learning curriculum to be adopted by Canada’s public education system for more than 15 years. At present, Core Education & Fine Arts operates privately in 10 locations across the Lower Mainland. Beim hopes the latest report, which shows the return on investment in early education far exceeds investment in primary, secondary, or post secondary education, will encourage government to fundamentally change early education policy. Until that happens Beim will continue to expand CEFA™ one school at a time.

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